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MTA asking voters to approve millage replacement, Aug. 4

GENESEE COUNTY — Voters will be asked Aug. 4 to approve a 1.225 mills proposal to replace existing millages of .0.425 mills and 0.40 mills for the Mass Transportation Authority.

According to the MTA, the 0.40 mill proposal was approved by the voters Aug. 7, 2018 and the 0.425 millage approved by the voters Nov. 4, 2014.

The 1.225 mills will be for a period of five years, 2020-2024, inclusive, for the purpose of providing mass transportation services including Your Ride and other related services for the elderly, persons with disabilities, the disadvantaged and other members of the public throughout Genesee County.

The new levy of 1.225 mills, if approved by voters, would be $1.225 per $1 ,000 on the taxable value of property in Genesee County. It is estimated that $1.225 mills would raise $ 11,885,622 in the first year of this replacement levy.

If this proposal is approved the Mass Transportation Authority would no longer levy the previously approved millages.

There are local authorities that capture and use for authorized purposes tax increment revenues from property taxes, according to the ballot language. Such captured revenue would include a portion of the proposed millage levy, estimated to be $225,826 in the first year of the levy.

The following such local authorities are expected to continue to capture portion of the tax increment revenue collected from taxpayers within their district boundaries and receive a disbursement from this millage renewal: City of Burton Downtown Development Authority (“DDA”); City of Clio DDA and Neighborhood Improvement Authority (“NIA”); City of Davison DDA and Local Development Finance Authority (“LDFA”); City of Fenton DDA and LDFA; City of Flint DDA; East Pierson Road Corridor Improvement Authority (“CIA”); City of Grand Blanc DDA and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

(“BRA”); Charter Township of Grand Blanc DDA; City of Linden DDA; City of Montrose DDA; City of Mt. Morris DDA; Mt. Morris Township Business Development Authority (“BDA”); City of Swartz Creek DDA; Genesee County BRA and Land Bank Authority; Davison Township DDA; Flint Township DDA; Beecher Road CIA; Bristol Road CIA; Hill Road CIA; Vienna Township BDA; Village of Lennon DDA; Village of Otisville DDA and Village of Otter Lake DDA.

Other such authorities could be created in the future.

The MTA was named Outstanding Urban System of the Year for 2019 and has also received several local, state and federal awards.

The MTA is considered number one in the country for providing on-demand medical transportation by a public transit agency. During the last two years the Authority has added Vets to Wellness, providing free transportation to area veterans and their spouses. The need for special services in the Genesee County community is growing exponentially and must be addressed to maintain a great quality of life, said the MTA in a press release. — G.G.