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City Council considers demolishing Tucker Pool

By Ben Gagnon
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FLUSHING — Flushing City Council has considered the allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to demolish a long-unused public swimming pool in the municipality.

Tucker Pool, a fenced-in underground pool located in Riverview Park near the Flushing A, has fallen into disrepair after being closed for many years. It was originally built in the 1950s and served the community for several decades before its closure.

City Manager Brad Barrett said that Tucker Pool needs to be removed, citing its current unsightly state and possible containment of hazardous materials.

“The feasibility of reopening it is slim,” he said. “I don’t think it would meet the Michigan DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) standards.”

Mayor Kevin Keane added that the pool wasn’t necessarily in high demand among residents even when it was open.

“I’ve been told that only 20 percent of the pool’s users were Flushing residents,” Keane said. “The vast majority of use came from people outside the city.”

Keane recommended that a hazmat surveyor should inspect the pool to give the city a clearer idea of how much to budget for demolition.

Thus far, the city has estimated that will take at least $47,000 to demolish Tucker Pool, though Barrett said the cost will rise even higher with the removal of its floor.

However, the council has expressed interest in saving the pool’s adjacent storage building, which Barrett said could be properly utilized and upgraded only when the pool is removed.

Altogether, the city has $19,609 in CDBG funds remaining. Funds were used earlier this year to build ADA picnic tables and to tear down a structure in Waterworks Park.

If the remaining CDBG funds are not spent, the money would revert back to Genesee County.

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