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Planning commission holds ‘kick-off’ meeting for Master Plan

By Sam Tunningley
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FLUSHING — The Flushing Planning Commission was presented with a timeline and walkthrough from Rowe Professional Services of their lengthy Master Plan undertaking, which is reviewed by the city every five years and could take up to twelve months for completion.

Flushing’s Master Plan presents strategies and projects for the city across a 20-year horizon. Public input is required throughout the year to maintain transparency and engage the community in the process.

The city will complete the review over several stages, beginning with preliminary information meetings, including analyzing the city’s background, population size and engagement activities. Suggestions from the public follows this initial stage and can be conducted in a variety of alternative strategies – surrounding municipalities have incorporated community engagement activities, public hearings and open houses providing direct conversation with members of the board.

Incorporating public opinion into the process leads to a better understanding of the current status of trends within the city and a more clear-eyed vision of goals and objectives, said a representative from Rowe. The commission must outline, refine and eventually commit to an action-oriented plan.

City Manager Brad Barrett is set to oversee much of the process during the twelve months, such as funding, deadlines and allocation of duties. Rowe Professional Services will not meet with the commission again until July’s meeting. The Flushing City Council can volunteer input for the commission as they finalize the plan.

The process is completed after a 63-day period of review from surrounding municipalities.

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