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Site plan for Valero fueling station approved as special permit

By Sam Tunningley
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FLUSHING – The conditions of special use permit and site plan for a new Valero fueling station slated for the corner of Emily Street were approved by the Flushing Planning Commission after an extensive discussion at Monday night’s meeting.

The station was brought before the commission in November of last year, with staff recommendations to conduct a traffic study, set business hours and provide shielded lighting – all completed by the city’s engineer. In accordance with the site plan, the location will not affect or bump against any residential homes.

In addition to the conditions already set, the commission said the special use permit is fulfilled with an approved permit from the Michigan Bureau of Fire Services Underground Storage Division, accessory use for the sale of convenience goods, proper location of ventilation pipes and minimum lot area of 22,500 feet.

Valero representatives said the hours of operation are 11 p.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and the station will come equipped with surveillance cameras. The station will split a parcel with Choo Choo’s Family Diner.

“A condition of site plan approval is the submission of necessary documents to have a combination and split completed for the parcels of land. This would place the Quik Market and gas station on one parcel of land and Choo Choo’s Restaurant on a separate parcel of land. In addition, a permanent parking easement between the parcels would need to be recorded, which allows for sharing of parking and ingress/ egress access,” said City Manager Brad Barrett.

The parking lot for the business will be constructed with new concrete and contain 34 spots, two of which should be barrier-free or use between the two parcels. The parking lot will be constructed with new concrete. The site plan also requires proper signage and for diesel gas to be listed.

Barrett, in addition, recommended the business construct a dumpster enclosure along with a grease container.

Valero will begin applying for the necessary building permits after fulfilling the approved conditions of the site plan and special use permit.

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